About Seek

“The female body is beautiful, articulate and elegant. It’s important to design swimwear that celebrates that, and still feels great.”

Sophia Koelsch



It’s one thing for someone to say you look great in a suit, but for you to feel sexy, confident and comfortable in the suit you're wearing is different. That’s why I started Seek Swim. I’m passionate about fashion, and Seek Swim reflects that. We make luxury suits in neutral tones and classic styles, showcasing fun sexy looks that celebrate all women. 
You should be able to look amazing and feel comfortable in your suit, so I didn’t sacrifice the way Seek suits feel for the way they look, and I’m really proud of that. Our fabrics are sourced from Italy and Indonesia, and they’re durable, comfortable, and sustainable.
Seek Swimwear was created to be a brand that women will come back to, and whether this is your first Seek suit or your fifth, we’re happy you’ve decided to seek your swim!



Creator of Seek Swim, Sophia Koelsch